Seems like nothings clear to me
I cant find my mind to pacify

Countless millions dying alone
countless millions dying

Alone with no signs of sadness, alone
nobody sees the pain

Countless millions cry
attempting mass suicide

Dying for help I hear their screams
to end their frantic dream

Seems like nothings clear to me

Prepare Yourself

Blinded by your hate
lunacy strikes again
lethargic is your mind
controlled by guarded time

Endless thoughts reborn
Victim wastes the night
the fate has now been torn
the sacred cherished right

You're lying there dormant
the end is in sight
disfigure yourself
the end of your life

Fixation growing near
the culprit hears your cry
you cower at your life
prepare yourself to die
inhale the winds of doom
prepare yourself to die

Tear and torture, your believers
fall to passion for recognition

Fall you bastard, to anothers hand 
fake, false laughter

Face the first friend
submit, sanity
taught to tease them

Follow me all the way
your dues will soon be paid
conjure up a prayer
walk alone to prepare

Collapse Into Despair

Confronted with illusions
of twisted untold dreams
a fragment piece of none
falls slowly into place

Collapse into despair
who will you find there
collapse into despair

I, I've endured in doubt
rapture's just a dream
to placate my mind
I must placate my soul

Sorrow is all I feel today
Tomorrow is just another day

Darkness confronting all my dreams
Wasting away towards tomorrow's pain

Defining Happiness

A constellation of dreams
crumble to this foundation
on which we base them
every day, a rejected day

Confidence is dimming
setting the mood to darkness
hesitating a sense of hope
it may lead to hopelessness
to exhibit any faith
it may impede any faith
therefore not to expect
secures no disappointment

The pain of rejection
dwells in the present
never to forger yesterday
(always wonder about tomorrow)
what's the deciding factor
what determines happiness 


Born to live
in your state of confusion
life's only illusion
visionary dreams of logic
penetrates the unconscioness
unproductivness, worthlessness

Encumbered by your massive guilt
trapped inside the cell you've built
trails of torment inscribe your soul
darkness calls upon the weary soul

Visionary dreams of logic
penetrates the unconscioness
uncontrolled contemplation
too senseless to see the logic
uncontrolled, uncontrolled

I've found a life that's real
a hole in my heart to fill

Freed from all useless dreams
a doctrine with no beliefs


Joining me in your search of peace
the latest findings in your quest for pain
you reach, I resist, I forgive, you condemned
your expressions to condemned

Condemned is everyone's belief
if not the same as yours

Fantastic views of reality
seduction of your burning mind
you reach, I resist, I forgive, you condemned
your expressions to condemned

Difference of oppinion 
my way is not like yours
difference of oppinion 
that doesn't I'm wrong

Eve Of Salvation

The hinderance of thought
and dashed hopes of repute
hanging compulsion
leaves a grievous view

A malignant outlock
grows darker everyday
another consumption of pain
another leaven of dismay

Glutton for relief
disorderly you find
perishment is choice
than a wretched life

Insufferable intake
ejected from fortune
harbor one last dream
conclude your existence

Abuse the essence
that`s sordid from pain
relinquish the mind
that bellows with shame

Accomplish your dream
indulge the demise
detect your salvation
by your unhinged mind

The Stain

Today I lost my will to live
it simply spilled out onto the floor
next to the pile of broken dreams
I didn't notice till I saw the stain

I didn't feel it trickle out of my soul
(because I feel nothing)

Pain had been my dearest friend
it was always there for me
when my dreams crumbled

Now I`m left in this
horrible sea of numbness
without any hope
there is no need for pain
so, now I have nothing

I think I died awile ago


The unholy oppress the harmony
of the eternal blessedness
trough the rejection of the prophets

Lend to trust transparency
the invicible one deludes reality
by the missionaries of sin
who evict virtue for fame

Judgement of the marionettes
is decided on the goodness
determind by the divine
is your eternal suffering

suppress the righteous truth
impractical reasoning
blinds all those engulfed
in this prevaricate

Doleful dogma doubted by doom
jesters join with jaundice
progenitors profile the path
for flustered fools to figure


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