• when asked about influencail singers...

    "Scott Jeffreys from Confessor, I just cant reach that, seriously, his vocal lines damn"

    Bestial Invasions
  • "Confessor was the soundtrack to the beginning of LAMB OF GOD. This was the music that inspired us to question everything and push ourselves beyond what was comfortable for us as players and our influences that had come before them. Far ahead of their time, Confessor laid down the tightest, mind-bending calculus metal we had ever heard. This music is not for the casual listener, this is the score to the end of all."

    Chris Adler
    Lamb of God
  • "Confessor has always been a pillar for top notch 'complex riffing' and amazing drumming with the guts to have a vocalist who sings how he wants to, ignoring any trends for over a decade now..."

    Philip Anselmo
    Down, Scour, Superjoint, ex-Pantera
  • "Like a fucked up mix of TROUBLE and WATCHTOWER, CONFESSOR raped my ears in the early 90's - I am glad to see them back!!"

    Michael Amott
    Arch Enemy, ex-Carcass
  • "So fucking heavy, sophisticated and tasteful, the crème de le crème. They were 10 years ahead of their time! Godly!"

    Karl Sanders
  • "CONFESSOR is pure originality without loosing the essence of TRUE doom-metal...."

    Big Steve (r.i.p. 2002)
    ex-Negativa, ex-Gorguts
  • "...the band navigate a gloomy, Sabbath-ian path with unique flair, expertly led by Scott Jeffreys' alternately gritty and smooth vocals.."

    Amy Sciarretto
    Revolver Magazine
  • "A simultaneously soaring/plummeting voice of a mad prophet, stuttering 'n' absurdly tricky doom-thunder, and a manic expression of absolute redemption-thru-depression -- does metal get any more singular? NO. The very definition of 'cult,' in every manner imaginable." 

    Nathan Birk
    Metal Maniacs/Terrorizer
  • "They've got one of the greatest drummers in the history of mankind."

  • "Confessor is one of the most special bands I have ever listened to. Simply Amazing!"

    Behind the Vail
  • "Blueprint Soul crawls along the depths of human crisis, the tune accented by haunting backing vocals and a sense of tension that lies just beneath the surface as a bone chilling Iommi-style solo slices the air."

    Electric Basement
  • "A depressive and cold journey into a lunatic's mind, where rhythms and timings bounce off each other like objects in a rubber room, and song structures can change at a moments notice."

    Live 4 Metal
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Raleigh, NC

  Web: lefthandy13@gmail.com
  Band: confessorofficial@gmail.com

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